Tact can provide you with a couple of different types of reports that fall under 2 categories.

  1. Basic Aggregation
  2. Charts

Basic Aggregation

Tact can calculate values for field values. For example if you ask Tact "What's the total amount of deals closing this quarter?" the response will be a sum value of the value field of deals that have a close date in the current quarter.

You can try changing up parts of the question such as the deal stage (E.g. In negotiation, in discovery stage, etc), or by changing the time period (E.g. this week, this month, this year)



By adding another dimension to the above question you can add another dimension and Tact will return it as a graph. For example, by asking, "What's the total amount of deals by stage this quarter?" you will get the below chart broken down by stage.

You can ask for different time periods (E.g. this year, this month, this week, etc).



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