Using Maps (Tact Go)

Tact Go provides mapping and geocoding of all your Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads and calendar events. See which customers are around you, get turn by turn directions and even setup lunch! 

Getting started with Tact Go:

  • From the Contacts tab 'Tap' on the Maps icon. 
  • From an Event or a Contact details 'Tap' the location map.


How to use Tact Go:

  • Tap on 'Contacts' to see which Accounts, Contacts and Leads are in the area.

  • Tap the 'List' icon to see a list view.

  • Tap the 'Car' icon to open Google or Apple Maps for turn by turn directions.

  • Tap the 'Yelp' icon to find nearby places. 

Tact Go Video Tutorial


 Hope this helps!

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